Northeast Equine Equipment, LLC is an agent of Greystone USA, Inc., manufacturers of the Paddock Vac.

Paddock Vac | Maxi Vac | Arena Rake | Travel Tank

paddock vacsThe original Paddock Vac and the larger Maxi Vac, have been in use throughout Australian and New Zealand pastures since 2005, and now, due to overwhelming demand, we are pleased to announce their release in the USA. Greystone's manufacturing plant, located in Monroe, Washington is where they produce the Paddock Vac and Maxi Vac.

Greystone's range of Paddock Vacs & Maxi Vacs make the job of collecting manure a breeze. Horse, llama and alpaca owners worldwide are taking advantage of these time and energy saving machines. They are keeping their pastures clean for their animals' welfare and giving them the lifestyle they deserve.

Benefits of Owning a Greystone Vac

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduce worm infestation
  • Help control flies
  • Vacuum wet patches in stables
  • Wet or dry manure disappears in seconds
  • Great for other cleaning jobs around the property (pine cones)